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Principle of Marketing:

     A sample of Little Caesars Pizza's Marketing Plan with
     PowerPoint presentation

     Mini case: Review & Revitalization of Hunan Wok’s
     Strategy with PowerPoint presentation
    Performed an in-depth market analysis and crafted a
    methodology to increase revenue by a projected 36%

Marketing Research:
     Questionnaire for Radford senior marketing majors
Research about the effectiveness of marketing courses at
    Radford University for the marketing seniors
     JAK Consulting: Marketing Program Satisfaction Survey
A survey for Radford University seniors to evaluate the
    satisfaction of the marketing program

    JAK Consulting: PowerPoint presentation

    JAK Consulting: Logo & Business cards

Internet Marketing:

     Creating a web site for a existing business

     Creating a online portfolio:

Marketing Management/Strategy:

      Case analysis of Black Diamond Equipment LTD with
      PowerPoint presentation

      Case analysis of Kentucky Fried Chicken with
      PowerPoint presentation

   Operation Management:

      A report of the process flow of Hunan Wok Chinese
      Restaurant's with PowerPoint presentation

   Human Resource:
      Personal Strategic Plan

Media Studies

    First Amendment Project: Describe the experience from
     observing the First Amendment wall in Charlottesville, VA


      Crayola Washable Crayons PowerPoint presentation



      Marriott International Inc. Stock Investment Research
     Analyzed the fundamentals of Marriott’s financials, business
     model and market trends, which culminated in a investment
     recommendation report
     Part II & Part III


Statement of Purpose for JET Exchange Program:
An foreign
     exchange program between Japan and other countries to teach
     English as a second language




* Completed projects are available upon request


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