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Radford University

Radford University Homepage
"Invest in Lifetimes" A public university that offers diverse curricular for undergraduates and selected graduate programs.  Radford University is also known for having a beautiful campus for students to focus on their concentration in the university.
College of Business and Economics
AACSB accredited COBE of Radford University
Department of Marketing
Offers students in learning aspects of organization, helps shape and direct organizational strategy.
Marketing Major curriculum
A detailed list of courses needed to receive a B.B.A. major in Marketing at Radford University.
Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business
Radford University is apart of this institutions of higher learning that have earned international accreditation from AACSB.

marketing/Internet Marketing
American Marketing Association: Highlander Chapter

Association that guides students to further their professional development.
The power of "Pull" Marketing
An article by Yudkin on getting media publicity and effective marketing outreach
Market segmentation for the small business
Provides both basic and in-depth information about market segmentation for the small business
Improve Sales With a Marketing Plan
An article to help business owner to improve their sales with a marketing plan
The importance of branding to your company
An article that explain the importance of branding with five lessons
The one thing you need to make it in online business
An article that explain the most important needs to be successful for an online business
Marketing your business on the internet
Explain in five different tops on how to be successful in reaching local market and extend to online marketing
Email ways to get high traffic to your site
Tips on how to use e-mail to increase consumers to visit your site
Six ways to add a personal touch to your website
Ways to make your site more personal
10 Effective marketing tips to explode yours sales
Learn the top 10 marketing tips and secrets that will boost your sales 
10 Ways to build trust and build your business
Before making a purchase from a company, the buyers need to trust your product and service
Three step formula to build your internet marketing strategies
Provides and explain each steps from developing your product to search engine ranking
An interesting video on "How to sell soap"
Examples that shows different way you could approach in selling soap as your product
10 Marketing Pitfalls
If you want to make it in Internet Marketing, you have to avoid these common mistakes
Think you are a whiz in marketing?
Take this quiz and find out how much you know about marketing
Easy net marketing tips for newbies
Questions and answers that will help you to make profit off of net marketing

Advertising marketing
Marketing and advertising tips
Tips on how to write a strategic marketing plan/business strategy, marketing and advertising tips
Advertising Age
Collection of news and analysis on the current news in the world of advertising.
What to look for before joining an affiliate program
Understand and find out what Affiliate programs work best for you
Top 7 trends in online ad design
Understand the trends of online advertisement's design
15 Sites for promoting your local business
Offers 15 sites that will help you to expand your local business
Online advertising on a rocket ride
Recent article that provides percentage for future media advertising spending
10 Forums for web designers
Provides different forums for web designers where any questions can be post and answered in a short amount of time
Advertising Tricks
Discovers the secrets of selling and create your own advertisement.
The common mistakes when advertising
Provides information on how to avoid these mistakes when it comes advertising your business
Forms of online advertising
Describes different type of online advertising
The best places to advertise an service business
Provides information on the best advertising placement for an service business
Advertising News
Updated continually with thousands of current advertising news
Ad goodness
Provides the best and the worse advertisement from different companies around the world
The power of small business classifieds
How effective is the small business classified?
Very Funny Ads
Flash Upgrade Needed. Provides funny advertisement that can view through Flash.
Funny Advertisement
Provides funny advertisement with comments from other viewers
Funny Campaign Ads
Funny campaign that stays in consumers mind much longer than any other type of ad

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